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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Duped Again!

Dr. No accused Today (a morning UK breakfast radio show) yesterday of being somewhat naive and short on completion of their homework, when it came to interviewing the 'shiny faced' leader of the populace. He was of course right, Humphries' title of pedant was shot down in flames by Cameron who seemed to have been given an extremely easy ride.

His female sidekick could also be accused of the same this morning, after listening to the interview conducted with one Nicholas Wald, who advocates that everyone over the age of 55, should take Statins, Anti-Hypertensives and Aspirin. Oh, and in a combined form. Now what might that be? Well, the Polypill of course! And who might be the owner of the patent rights to this concoction? Could it be one Professor Wald along with another called Law? Got it in one then.

Their latest attempt to subvert the cause of scientific study was published in Public Library Of Science,( PLos one), yesterday and examination of the study shows it to be all purely hypothetical in its content and indeed cohort, and is merely a manipulation of computational algorithms called a 'Monte Carlo' simulation. It is about as far away from the Randomised Control Trial as is possible. A little strange really when there is ample evidence already available to show that the protocols advocated are useless or dangerous even. But let not that get in the way of promotion of 'advocacy research', by the very person who might gain from its acceptance and adoption.

Where was the research; the challenge of this pathetic attempt at self publicity? Missing of course. Where have all the good journalists gone, I am wondering. Obviously not to the BBC!

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  1. Very few good journalists at the BBC and indeed anywhere in the 'popular' media.

    Advocacy research is a new one to me - and of course brilliant as the mass of the general public will not be aware of it and thus believe its 'findings.'

    Returning to journalism - it is easy to manipulate the public on ill-researched stories - as Nichiolas Wald is obviously aware. He is manipulating the media into duping the public into accepting his hypothetical data on the need for Polypills.

    Forgive me if I am rambling a little as I am half asleep - but hope it comes through that I am with you on this one!

    Anna :o]