How the NHS failed me and mine.
What it did, to the most important person
in my life and how it could happen to you unless
we do something about it!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Nowhere to Hide Now!

Some news today that many of us have been awaiting, often with many false dawns, I might add, but always with hope that one day, Will Powell's long and damaging campaign (for him and his family) for a statutory duty of Candour, might be over. If the Condems do this one thing, they will, leave Doctors and others in Healthcare, who lie, about their failings, even on oath, with nowhere to hide. I give below the press release from the NHS Justice Group;-

"Dear Group, and our friends the Cure the NHS campaign groups,

The news I have been anticipating for ten years is upon us all. I do apologise for the gigantic text but here it is. Please circulate to your groups as appropriate:
News release from NHS Justice Group.
Mr William Powell our Lead Campaigner on the Issue of Duty of Candour who has waged an almost single handed campaign for decades is now nearing completion of his massive effort for all of us.
“Good for us, Good for the Country and Good for the Profession”.
Here are links to his story and the unflagging support he received from Diane, aka ‘The Boss’ over those long hard fought years. They are worth looking at. - The Story - The BAFTA Award - The Freedom of Information Award  - Robbie

AvMA PRESS RELEASE For immediate release
In its response to the NHS Future Forum report published today, the Government has finally committed itself to a Duty of Candour in healthcare - an enforceable duty to be open and honest with patients or their families when things go wrong. Although the detail of how the new duty will work is not yet known, it is described as a new contractual duty on healthcare providers. Additionally, the Government has said that it will give legal force to patients' rights in the NHS Constitution, which also covers being honest about mistakes.
Peter Walsh, Chief Executive of AvMA, said:
"This is great news - potentially the biggest breakthrough in patients' rights and patient safety since the creation of the NHS. The devil will be in the detail. The duty must be clearly set out in statute and organisations who fail to comply must be held to account. But we are extremely grateful to the Government for having listened. This new duty should be known as "Robbie's Law" in honour of Robbie Powell, the young boy who became the symbol of our campaign and whose family have done more than anyone to raise awareness for the need for change".

George Kuchanny NHS Justice Group Webmaster."

I can add little to this, except to invite others especially Doctors, to join in my congratulations.


  1. finally!

    The wheels of "justice" certainly do turn very slowly.

    Well done will, great result.


  2. Very well done to all concerned and many thanks for all the hard work involved. Let us hope it will be honourably implemented and that complainants in the future will not be threatened with legal action as I was and as so many other victims of medical negligence have been.

  3. Good news. We have never needed a law like this as much as we do now..

  4. Not quite. Stopped by a few unworldly Liberal Lords sucking up to their medics probably. Going into new NHS consultant contracts apparently.