How the NHS failed me and mine.
What it did, to the most important person
in my life and how it could happen to you unless
we do something about it!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Curing the NHS (A Rebels View).

Of What? By whom? Well one thing is certain, it won't be by Andrew Lansley and the cabal of warlock millionaires, headed by ("call me Dave") Cameron. Their proposed acts of vandalism are likely to make the chances of a 'cure' even more remote.

One, who has a pretty good idea as to what is needed, is one Dr. Vernon Coleman. Vegan, (well you can't be right about everything), author, 'cross dresser', columnist, publisher, libertarian. Author, amongst many of "Medicine Men" and "How to Stop Your Doctor From Killing You", both of which intimated how much of a rebel, he really was. He has kindly consented to allow republication of his view of  how to cure the NHS on the website of the NHS Justice Group.

His views, almost exactly coincide with mine. We need to rid ourselves of that which is not needed; that which is not affordable, or even desirable, on the NHS. Give power to GP's, but not all Commissioning, they are neither equipped, nor are they as yet competent to fulfill such a role. Rid ourselves of the pariah's that suck the blood of patients and clinicians; the 'Management' and their lackeys. Stop 'private' medical care being provided in NHS Facilities, and oust the Consultants who control it. Provide 'proper' Nursing, with real Nurses, not the poor quality Nursing Assistants, who have no more idea about 'nursing' than they do about quantum mechanics. Not surprising really, as the qualifications to become one are, err, none! 'Peanuts, Monkeys' are the words that spring to mind.

And Doctors, well they need to realise both their importance, but also their lack of it. It is not possible to legislate for empathy or compassion, but it is possible to enshrine in statute, the 'duty of candour', in the event of harm, being done to patients. It is perverse, that Doctors are the only section of society, that can lie under oath, without any consequences being visited upon them, but they can, as my friend and tireless campaigner Will Powell will attest. Twenty one years is far too long to wait for justice, both for him, and for any society, 'Big' or otherwise. But 'Dave' would have us believe that it would be step too far.

So far as 'by whom', well there's the rub. The ConDems seem unable or unwilling to effectively change the NHS, beyond pathetic attempts to 'privatise' most aspects of it, in the blind hope of saving money. My experience of privatising public bodies and duties has been one of more bureaucracy, less transparency, considerably higher costs due to the additional layer of management required, together with the need to extract a 'profit' from every transaction. And of course, the continuous desire by all parties involved, 'to pull up the flowers to check if the roots are growing'! So then it is left to us, the people, to clamour for effective change, not the 'window dressing' of this and successive Government of the NeoThatcherite persuasion, which they have all been, of "no decision about you, without you" and other such PR platitudes, forged on the playing fields of Eton and in the slick offices, of the campaign managers.


  1. Spot on Blackdog,
    Thanks for this breath of fresh air in a debate that has been influenced for the bad for clearly self interested reasons.
    I would add that a Duty of Candour is in fact protective of nurses and doctors as well as patients. Some creep of a manager would hardly be able to sack you for telling the truth now would they?

  2. No Anon, you would think not. But many have been, or simply bought off, in vicarious ways, so attractive as to be irrefusable, for someone, like a nurse, who is far from rich.

    And yes, the duty of candour must extend to all who call themselves Healthcare Professionals.

  3. Very interesting comments Blackdog. Thank you very much for your continuing support for a Duty of Candour [Robbie's Law].

    The only medics and health organisations that would possibly want to oppose a Duty of Candour for all healthcare professionals are the incompetent/negligent ones that also lack ethics and integrity.

    It is my personal view that the politicians who do not support Robbie's Law are the ones that are most terrified that they themselves may one day owe a Duty of Candour to their constituents and the people of this country who they falsely purport to serve.

    Kind regards.

    Will Powell