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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Great Swapathon (Change4Life Strikes Again).

More drivel from Government, only this time with support from the 'food cartels'. Yes, under Cameron et al, we now have to endure Government's insane advice, about diet and health, funded largely now, by the Architects of our society's current ills! Nestle, Mars, Kellogg's etc will pay for, along with others, including some of the worst purveyors of fast food, a campaign, to provide vouchers for so-called 'healthy food'. These vouchers will be for £50 to enable participants to purchase, from Asda (Walmart), food that has little to no fat, cereals, and other  healthy options (so called) that will galvanise them into a process of being active (nudge,nudge) and eating in a healthy manner.

As well as being condescending, and patriarchal, this is an opportunity for the sponsors to gain new customers at very low cost; £250m is pretty cheap for a national, Government backed campaign, but the slug in the salad, is obvious to any, that have a background of science, or an understanding of nutritional needs; it's puerile nonsense! Five a day continues as one the mainstays of the apparatchiks, who wrote this nonsense despite the fact that it has been categorically denounced, as ineffectual for protection from Cancer, Heart Disease or Diabetes, see here and here and my previous post. Worst, it provides the opportunity for the the food 'giants' to place themselves in a position of advantage over others, who may actually be producing the components of a healthy diet, without much of the kudos attached to one with a Government 'stamp of approval'.

Cornflakes for instance, are processed maize, patented by that Seventh Day Adventist, John Harvey Kellogg as a palatable source of carbohydrates for a vegetarian, along of course with other 'barmy' protocols such as yogurt enemas (yes really). His flakes of corn, not immediately a popular breakfast choice, became popular in the 1950's and 1960's and infiltrated the UK eventually as almost the sole source of an easy breakfast, for the modern humanoid.. In modern times this, was built upon with numerous variants, generally, laced with sugar and today, my pet hate High Fructose Corn Syrup.

That one example, of the diet, symbolised by the Change4Life protocols, does in my book epitomise the stupid and dangerous view expounded by most of the Government Agencies and Health Charities, that we should consume very high intakes of carbohydrates, especially wheat and other grain based products. But all of these promote high insulin reactions to every meal with this composition. This can and often does lead, after a time, to insulin resistance, the precursor to Diabetes in Homosapiens. With certain exceptions, we are not adapted to heavy intakes of carbohydrates, especially, dwarf wheat and other grain products as William Davis will attest (endlessly, but he has a point) as he does again here. I don't agree with everything he says, any more than I would adapt completely, to a 'paleo', 'ketogenic', or carb free diet. I have however adopted a low carb diet, because it is overall, somewhat more healthy, than the stupid alternative propounded by the successors to the Food Standards Agency (the DofH). I would however, embrace it completely if I was Diabetic.

Since we have adapted to a diet of mainly carbohydrates, laced with seed oils, small quantities of very low fat dairy products and fructose, it is patently obvious that, society's health has declined. In fact, the rise of industrialised food manufacture has almost exactly coincided with this decline. We have much higher rates of  Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer, than 50 years ago when this transformation commenced. For Government to enjoin with manufacturers, in an endeavour, to 'nudge' us into a better horizon, based upon the poorly documented and unscientific premis that it is 'healthy', is founded in spin and hype at the expense of truth.

Are these 'suit and tie chic' politicians so blinded by the 'hype' of their co-conspirators, in this cabal they have formed as to not understand, simple biology, or is it a purely cynical exercise in marketing, founded in the need once more to save money? I do not know the answer. None of our current masters, and I include in this NuLabour, who would have done little different, seem to have much in the way of brain cells. They have 'bought' the sales pitch of the 'food giants' and 'Big Pharma' without demur. This is despite the view of the great (late) Albert, who is said to have coined the phrase 'doing the same thing, over and over again, and expecting a different result'. This is, once again, a prime example of futility, laced with danger.

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  1. So much unhealthy stuff in their 'Healthy Options' list it's unbelievable! - Do you remember Dr Magnus Pyke, the eminent, eccentric and extremely popular scientist who was a regular broadcaster years ago? (He died in 1992. See - I've always remembered what he said about cornflakes. - He said there was more nutrition in the cardboard box than in its contents! I heartily wish I had never ever eaten cornflakes, having been misled by the food industry and their followers!