How the NHS failed me and mine.
What it did, to the most important person
in my life and how it could happen to you unless
we do something about it!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Send the Dosh !

Henry needs your money !

My friend and fellow blogger Dr. Rohen Kapur, has in a fit of splendid insanity enjoined in the UK Election Campaign. He is one of that strange breed I admire so much; an honest Doctor who wears his integrity on his sleeve. As an MP he could do so much to take the fight for OUR NHS to the palace of power. It does take money however, so dig deep and get the coppers out of the piggy bank !

Go to his site and donate .

A brave man with not a lot, has put his money where his mouth is, lets all help.

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  1. I must thank you for your donation. It was a very welcome addition to the fighting fund. Thanks for putting up this post. Sorry I only found it through google today!

    I was on the radio. So I thought Id see if there had been any comment.